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1964 Party Surprise - Historic D├ęcor



July 2004


Natasha in Fitzgerald, Ga  USA

Honorable Mention

Surprise Party

For my friend Joe's 40th birthday, his wife contacted me to help plan the   big surprise.  Since Joe is a policeman and a once detective it was kind   of tricky to get him to not be suspicious.  The captain on shift that day   had 911 dispatch all officers to the location for suspicous vehicles being   in that area.  So, when he arrived he was so surprised to arrive at his   "Welcome to 1964" party. 

We decorated with clusters of black and   white balloons to keep it simple, but not so boring as the same old "Over   the Hill" party.  Also using black and white napkins, plates, and flatware.     We Had a vintage display of all 1964 memorabilia, stuff we mostly found on the internet and could print easily and put into black and white   frames that were purchased at a local craft store. 

Pictures of 1964 New   York World's Fair, the Presidential election, the Olympic games in Tokyo, Japan, I also found a site that had all the greatest movies,so we printed a list of that. Etc.  We took several of the printed papers and cut out all the different things that  happened that year and decoupaged them on the tablecloth.  So, wherever guests sat, they could read about something that happened in 1964. 

We also had framed pictures of Joe growing up & added some black and white candles.  The centerpieces for the tables were black and white striped and polka dot candles.  We played music in the back ground all from 1964 of course, songs like,   Pretty Woman, She loves you, do wah diddy, House of the rising sun, and   little old lady from pasadina. 

The cake was made by a family friend and   was of course black and white.  We also played a trivia game called You   Don't Know Joe, a spoof off the trivia show you don't know Jack.  It asked questions  like what year did Joe graduate college, what high school did Joe attend?  Etc.  The cake was of course chocolate and had   white icing.  We served a bbq feast, with all the sides and served chips, dip, brownies, and other appetizers on black platters and bowls. 

The party favors were of course black and white cards printed from the computer.  I had written a verse about 1964 that said, It was the year the cardinals won the world series, Pretty woman was a popular song, and on Sunday nights you could catch Americans watching the Ed Sullivan show, etc.  And at the end it had the place Joe was born and said, and the world welcomed Joe…. On date. We punched 2 holes in the top and tied a black ribbon through it.  These we kept on a table in a basket with none else,but Hershey Hugs, since their wrappers are black and silver.  It was a little momento everyone could take. 

Everyone had a great time   and are still talking about the great party.

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