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Magical Surprise -60yr- How To make your Wand



February 2005


Mary in Kalamazoo, MI USA

Honorable Mention

Surprise Party

60th birthday party for my sister.  I looked and looked and there was not a fun way to celebrate 60.  My sister has a vanity plate WANDS, which she says represents magic and possibilites.  So I designed invites with the face of an owl with big eyes and put "Look whooooo's turning 60" Linda is entering the 60's a magical age.   Step into our home and join the magic..  the invite stated below We request that you bring a written spell, Good wishes only, to be placed in the Parchment Book of Spells which will be given to her on her actual Birthdate à.Dec 19, Magical treats, herbs and potions will be provided Bring your beverage of choice and your magic. If you are not able to attend please send a written spell to my address and then continue the celebration of Linda's Birthday month with a phone call, a card, a movie or lunch ..... let's give her a magical month to start the magical 60's.

Vanity plates for the car are usually selected  to express something of passion.   Linda chose "WANDS"  the power of imagination, possibility and magic.  Thus the theme for the "SURPRISE PARTY"  She loves Harry Potter and the like!   Linda will be invited to a party on Dec 1 so she can look forward to a gathering. However she will not know of the theme we have planned for  Dec 4th.  Enclosed is " How to make a Wand" for the creative ones ( only one idea there are many) plus some ideas about spells to get you into the spirit... for the magical evening.     We request that you arrive willing to be magical, that you bring what you prefer to drink (some will be available), and 2 copies of your spell(s), if you make a wand of course bring it but wands will be on hand.    

At 8:43 the "Blessing of Linda " will begin.  Be prepared to cast your spell!  Until then remain spellbound!  I included how to make a magical wand from a tree limb, and proceeded in creating a magical home.  The drive was lit with torches, and the walk lit by large jared candles, the house was very lowly lit mostly candles, and white strings of christmas lights.  As the guests entered they were asked to select who they were, name badges of "witch in training" "warlock understudy" etc.  Each woman was graced with  a blue glowing battery operated crystal necklace, each man was given a glowing hoop necklace..  They were reminded that if they had not written their spell or blessing that at 8 pm there would be a workshop in the living room. 

When they entered the kitchen the potion master took requests, and each perosn was given a glowing drink, a drink with a glowing stir stick or a drink with glowing or flashing ice cubes ( they were the hit of the party)  The back decks were lit with any candles and we had a bubble machine outside making bubble art.  The walkout had the wand making area complete with a barrel full of walking sticks and or limbs from our woods for their selection, and anything needed to be creative, turkey feathers, ribbon, dried flower items and ferns, beads etc. 

The glue gun area was available and with glowing necklaces and drinks and great music, it was the 2md most popular area.  The wands were then completed and the Blessing hour began, each person put on the wizard robe, and stood before Linda with their own wand and they cast their spell, ( well wishes) upon her.  It was very touching and funny and everyone really got into it.  We had cake with tall thin sparkler type candles, which in themselves would not go out and magically kept lighting.  The guests left with their glowing gifts and a good time was had by all that dared to be magical.

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