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Survivor - Food Based Challenges



July 2005


Jackie & John in Sydney, Australia


Survivor Party

We had a food-based Survivor Party for adults based on the theme "Out-eat, Out-play, Pass-out".   

We started as a standard, boring dinner party without telling our guest about the Survivor theme. We served a bowl of rice which, although confused, our guests ate. We then gave crackers, then a stick of celery and thenĂ  a cup of chocolate syrup! Just as they were wondering what was going on, we started the Survivor music and introduced the evenings theme.   

We explained that they were now on the Buffet Islands and were members of the two local tribes - Maximus and Qualitum. These tribes had been warring for centuries over the question of what is better - Quality or Quantity! Each team had a flag and we had a Survivor-style logo with pictures of the hosts. 

The first game continued with a glob of pure Vegemite (were in Australia!), dark-colored jelly and Sarsaparilla. Of the people who managed to eat all the rounds, we had the final challenge - a bowl with it all mixed together! And, yes, somebody actually ate it!   

We then had our "Out-Play" game in which guests had to construct a 5-foot animal using only modelling balloons (like magicians use). That worked very well.   

After the main meal, we had a fruit challenge. Teams had to make a model of the hosts out of supplied fruit - cantelope, bananas, apples, grapes, pears and beans. They did some very good work.   

Then came the dessert challenge. Two members from each team had to stuff grapes into their mouths - the winner being the team with the most inserted! We had a clear winner in that one, who just kept going.   

Everybody had a lot of fun and left very full. It just shows that Adults can enjoy these parties too!

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