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Survivor Corn Roast Human Bridge Challenge



Oct 2002


Rachel & Jay in Manitoba, Canada

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Survivor Party

Theme:  Survivor For the past 10 years, my husband and I have thrown a traditional cornroast.  We always have a theme.  A few have been:  Hat, tie, and sunglasses, color coded, hawiian, pajama's, crazy hats, crazy shorts, and wigs to name a few.  We always have games to go with the themes, such as pillow fights for the pajama party. 

Handmade invitations are made by my husband and sent out a month ahead of time.  We have people that call and ask when it is, so that they can book their holidays around our party.  A DJ is hired so that we don't have to fuss with the music, and can enjoy ourselves.  At midnight the pot of corn is thrown on the open fire.    This year was the real test…it was out 10th cornroast and we were racking our brains as what to do. 

We decided to throw a Survivor theme party.  We made 3 teams.  3 different colors, and they were all named in the aboriginal language. 

The names of the teams all meant "Intoxicated" 

As guests arrived they were handed their own team buff.  Couples were split up, so that they would mingle with the other guests.  Also, as they arrived, they were told that when they heard the Survivor theme music, they were to go to their team flag. (Also made by husband) 

My husband played the host (Jeff Probst), and I was the prize girl.  We had 3 challenges:  Build a human bridge, and get from point A to point B, String a 70 foot string up and down the clothes of all team members, and taking water from bucket A which is filled with holes, and fill up bucket B.  We thought that that would be enough but everyone wanted more games.  Another tradition we have is to fill a garbage can up with water, ice, and a 12 pack.  The beer is free if you can get it out with only your mouth.  That's a challenge in itself. 

We had our 10th party in July of 2002.  Now our challenge is to come up with a new theme to top this one.

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