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Survivor Party - Outwit, Outlast & Outplay



Oct 2002


Shelley in Chicago, IL USA

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Survivor Party

I planned a SURVIVOR party to beat the doldrums in March. 

Invitations were written on brown paper, burned around the edges to make them look old. I rolled each invite up and put it into a clear Coke bottle.  My post office sent them without any questions and it was not too expensive.  The poem read:  Let's chase the winter blues away by getting together one night to play  You'll need to be strong and lucky and clever to "survive" the competition and claim fame forever  We'll split into teams and play a few games We'll eat and we'll drink and we'll learn some new names  At 000 Main Street on March 16th at 7 please arrive To "OUTWIT, OUTLAST, AND OUTPLAY" you should strive  Now let us add just one more - OUTPARTY!! So find yourself a sitter and please don't be tardy!  Everyone was impressed with the invitations and we had more guests than we expected.   

Decorations included 2 majestic palm trees I made out of chicken wire and crepe paper at the door with a fish net and lots of sea creatures.  Tiki god lights were throughout the house.  When guests entered, they had to stick their hand into a covered box and pull out their team "buff" (a bandana).  Guests were to wear their bandana and mingle to meet their teammates.  We played 6 games. 

First game revolved around food.  Each team had to "fish" using a rod with a magnet and fish out their colored paper fish.  After each member had a turn, they had to unscramble the letters that were on each fish to make a word.  The first team to get all their fish out of the pool and come up with the word "ENDURE" was the winner. 

Second game dealt with water.  I froze plastic flies in ice cubes.  Each team had to dissolve one ice cube and pull out the fly to win.  Teams were not allowed to step on them or eat them. 

Third game was the gross eating contest.  Teams were blindfolded, each member picked something out of bag, ate it, and passed the the bag to the next member.  First team to eat everything was the winner.  I included things like blue cheese, grapefruit juice, sour candy, licorice, cotton candy, and an egg. 

Fourth game involved shelter.  Each team was instructed to make a shelter for one teammate using a bag of supplies given to them.  They had 15 minutes to make their structure.  I put balloons, paper towels, newspaper, and string, aluminum foil in their bag. 

Fifth game tested their physical skills.  Each team member had an aluminum can with their name and their team color on it.  Each team member also received a rubber band.  Taking turns, each person tried to hit someone else's can and knock it over using their rubberband as a slingshot/gun.  Once a can was knocked over, that person whose name was on it, was out of the game.  Team that had the final can standing was the winner. 

Last game tested the guests observation skills.  Throughout my house, prior to the guests arrival, I had done silly things to our house.  I put a stamp on our kitchen clock, a bandaid on the television set, put a toothbrush on a table, put a bow on a lamp, that typeof thing.  Teams were questioned about this strange items and team with the most right won.  (AMAZING how much people noticed!) 

After all the games were completed and totals were calculated, the team with the highest score won.  On each color bandana I placed a mark.  The person whose bandana had that mark won the "immunity idol"...a real nifty African item I picked up at TJMAX.  Other team members won a box of rice and a bottle of water. 

For food, I tried all sorts of interesting island type foods.  I was able to find some chocolate covered ants and bugs that I offered everyone.  Everyone who tried at least one received points for their teams.  We had a blast.  People still come up to me and ask when my next great party is being planned.   

Hoping this helps someone else to have a great party.  It was a lot of work, but it was a lot of fun too!  Now I'm trying to come up with another good idea.  Thanks!

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