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Surprise Survivor -35yr- Make Your Shelter



Jan 2003


Deanna in Port Byron, NY

Honorable Mention

Survivor Party

My husband was turning 35 and I wanted to surprise him with a birthday party.  Being it is very hard to surprise him we did the whole party planning in a week.  First I decided that since he love the Survior on TV that we would do a survior surprise party. 

First, I made invitations out of lunch bags burnt the sides and rolled them with all the informations saying come to a Survior 35th surprise party for my husband added the date and time and asked everyone to come at 6:00 sharp that my husband would be arriving at 6:30 so we could surprise him.  Since I had about 18 adults coming, I let my children who are 9,7, and a few friends kids who are about the same help me.  They helped make decorations which were made out of  plastic table clothes with animals and palm trees that the children made out of construction.

They also made the neckless and the voting box which was made out of a container bought at the dollar.  We hung them up in the room where the party took place along with a table cloth that was covered with grass skirts to make the tribe consul  look like it was on tv. 

First, when the guest arrive they were asked to stay in one room and talk low intill I went in the other room and got my husband, who by the way thought that we were making him a surprise dinner and was staying in the bedroom to stay out of the way. Then I went to get my husband and helped him into the room where they all yelled surpise.  He was surprise. 

So the games begin I had to decided how I was going to divide all the people up into groups.  I had a tray and I but on 18 different items.  Each item was on a list that indicated with tribe they were to be on.  They were told before the picked there item that they may be able to use them on a future game if they need to. 

After everyone picked there items, everyone got a bandanna that was made out of fabric that I had bought at Walmart. Nine of them were of wolves and the other nine were tigers. My son named the teams orange tiger and green wolf. The kids were the helpers the judging and read all the instructions I justed helped them if they needed it. 

First game was to make your shelter.  A bag that had a rubberband, tolet paper roll, pencil and a soda bottle.  They were also able to use any items that they had.  The kids judge the best shelter and the other time went to tribe consul.  They then were asked to vote off two people in the tribe to speed things up. 

Second, they were asked to get the animal out of cup of frozen water, again they were able to use the items that they had picked.

Third was a spoon and frog race everyone had to walk a path with the frog on the spoon if it was dropped they had to start over. 

Fourth was guess what was in four boxes.  One contained marbles, macaroni, pretzels, and a ball of alumini foil. 

Fifth was to answer questions from a game. 

The six game was to guess how many plastic animals were in a plastic tub which was once a container that animal crackers were in. Last the remaining had to tell why they should the true survior.  Everyone then vote. 

The winner, which was my husband, got a crown and a big can of beer. When the games were over my mother in law made a cake which had all animals on it and everyone had came and snacks.  Everyone had a good time and my husband was surprise.

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