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Fear Factor - Skill, Food & Relay Challenges



August 2004


Trinh in Houston, TX

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Fear Factor -  My husband and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary on August 21, 2004. 

The invitation was a couple dressed in their wedding clothes with the groom riding a bicycle and the bride sitting on the handle bars.  We worded it: "We've had the ride of our lives!  Now we dare you to a Fear Factor challenge in celebration of our five year anniversary.  See you 'Dare'!"  We set up a tent decorated with a big wire-rimmed spiderweb, giant furry spiders, a skeleton head, a big signed that read 'Fear Factor - Anniversary Edition'. 

We decorated two 6 ft tables with yellow and black tablecloths.  On top of one of the tables was a fish tank with gravel at the bottom and we filled it with 4 dozens of big goldfish.  We also had the black bucket to be used as the 'throw up' bucket on the table.  We cooked all the food before the guests arrived and put each one in an individual plate wrapped in foil. 

Out of 100+ guests, we had 4 teams volunteer.  We bought 4 different color t-shirts (2 of each color - Large and X-Large to accommodate all body sizes for each couple) and had the Fear Factor logo on the front of the t-shirt. 

The first game was a ring toss game which is the Round 1 elimination game.  There were numbers placed on each stick so whichever team had the least points was eliminated.  We had 2 teams that didn't score any points so we advanced all 4 teams to the next round.  This works out better because it was more entertaining to watch everyone play in Round 2. 

The Round 2 competition was the eating contest.  You have to have an eating contest!  Some of the guests were wondering if they had to eat the goldfish in the tank.  Each contestant had to roll a dice and whatever number they landed, they had to eat the food from that number plate.  Everything was boiled in plain water -
(1) Oysters
(2) Cow tongue (had to eat a slice of this) 
(3) tripe (this was extremely chewy) 
(4)chicken feet (fingernails and all!) 
(5) baby octopus 
(6) baby clams. 

Surprisingly, everyone ate their food in the 3 minute time alloted so every team advanced to the final round. 

The last game was a timed relay course.  We chose the order of teams by having them choose a number from 1-100 to determine the order.  The relay consisted of 1 team member reaching into the fish tank and finding 1 of 3 keys (could only get 1 key at a time using only 1 hand), going up and down a children's swingset slide, unlocking their partner who was chained to a chair, then that person had to sit in a kid's bicycle and go from where they were unchained to the finishing line which was about a distance of 20 feet.  If they got could not get their partner unlocked because they picked the wrong key, they would have to go back and search for the next key.  We ended up only having 2 teams find the key.  The winning team received $100. 

This was very entertaining because it was very amusing to see grown adults trying to get up in a children's swingset and riding the bike.  We had a few players gag on the food while they were eating which was very funny also.  We had one person pick the baby octopus who hated seafood.  We had quite a few guests call us before the party started to try and find out the details of the 'Fear Factor' game.  Everybody had a blast participating and watching!

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