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Survivor Party - Suck and Blow Relay



October 2004


McCarthy in Cincinnati, Ohio , USA

Honorable Mention

Survivor Party

We had an adult survivor party and everyone had a blast!  The invitations were printed on scroll type paper.  We did it at a park, and had tiki torches burning everywhere. 

When you arrived at the party you pulled a different print bandana out of a box.  There were five teams (names matched their bandanas):  the patriots, the cheetahs, the chili peppers, the cowboys, the moo cows.  We had ten different challenges and if your team won the challenge, you got an immunity idol (a tiki doll cut-out on a string from a party store-I cut up paper garland).  The team with the most immunity idols at the end wins.  I made tshirts that said Survivor: Delhi (our township). 

Here are the ten games: 

(1) Blind wagon relay race.  You had to divide your team up into pairs and one player puts on a blind fold and the other player sits on the wagon.  The person in the wagon needs to direct their blindfolded person through the cones.  You time how long it takes the whole team to get through the course.  Lowest time wins.

(2) Donkey soccer:  You tie a one pantyhose leg around your waste and fill the other leg with potatoes so it hangs down between your legs.  You use a slightly larger playground ball and you play like regular soccer. You can only hit the ball with your "donkey tail".  First team to score three goals win. 

(3) Put a church-key bottle opener on a very long string.  You have to pass the opener down through each team members clothing, so eventually you are all connected by the string.  Last person has to use the opener to open a bottle of beer, first team to drink all their beer wins.

(4) Mission Impossible:  You have to get your whole entire team from one point to another, without any body part touching the ground.  You give them all sorts of toys to help them, like a skateboard, a jump rope, an exercise mat, etc.

(5)Lay an Egg:  You get a partner, stand back to back.  You place an egg inbetween their backs and the team to successfully lay three eggs without breaking wins.  (6) Gross food contest:  Make the gross food disappear first.  We had green jello shots, worms (cold cooked spaghetti with red food die), and kitty litter cake (vanilla pudding covered with oatmeal with green food coloring and mishapen tootsie rolls). 

(7) Poop a potato:  you had to get a stack of potatoes to the other side and you could only place them between your legs.

(8) Suck and Blow:  You had to pass 10 cards around the table and could only use your mouth by sucking on the card and passing it to your partners' lips by blowing while they suck--very funny!

(9)Costume relay race:  Every team had a different halloween costume that they had to put on and race to a point and come back and take off the costume and pass it to the next team mate.

(10)Water balloon Slingshot:  We spray painted a target on a field and you had to shoot water balloons at the target with a giant slingshot, team that scores the most points win.  Some of the games we added that you had to drink something, but that could be optional.  At the end of the night we had a big camp fire and everyone laughed about the evening!

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