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Redneck Party - Teeth are Optional



July 2005


Lori in Lena, LA


Tacky And Trashy Party

Redneck Party  Invitation:  You might be a redneck party.  Please come in yer best redneck git-up.  Ladies wear yer purtiest mu-mu and rollers.  Fellers don't furget yer work boots. Teeth are optional.  Place, Date, Time.  Fer more infermation call Joe Bob or Lori Sue.  Don't furget to tell cousin Bubba. 


Outside - Christmas lights on porch, scattered hubcaps, clothesline with old underwear, socks, stained t-shirts, piles of garbage bags and beer cans, dog tied to a tree. 

Inside - Mix matched table cloths, aluminum foil on windows, large pit lighters for guests that smoke, old posters, jeff Foxworthy quotes printed on bright colored paper for the walls, duct tape streamers, beer bottle chandelier. 

Food:  Moonpies, RC Cola, Cheese Puffs, Viena Sausages on toothpicks, Pork & Beans, pigs-in-a-blanket, gumbo, Beer, Boones Farm, jello-shots, and a pucker-up-bar (table set up with all the different flavors of pucker)  Milk crates will be great used on the food tables.   

Music Musts:  Hank Williams Jr, Merle Haggard, Kid Rock, David Allen Cole, Creedence Clearwater, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ACDC, Gretchen Wilson. 

Games:  Bob for pigs feet, wet t-shirt contest, spittin' or belching contest, armpit music, mud wrestling, wheel barrel racing.  Bottles of boones farm or 40 oz beer make great prizes. 

Costume Ideas: 

Men - anything camouflage, jeans tucked into work boots, t-shirts with beer logos or nascar or WWF, cutoffs w/pockets hanging out, overalls, mullets, don't forget the skol can in back pocket, bubba teeth. 

Women - black some teeth out, pig tails (bent wire cloths hanger can make braids stand out), really big hair (use mascara to darken roots), blue eyeshadow, freckles, cut-offs, tube tops, platform shoes, mini skirts, skol can in back pocket, stuff shirt to look preg and carry a cig and beer can, overalls, beer cap earrings, old house slippers and hair rollers.

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