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Trailor Trash Bunco Party - White Castle Eats



March 2006


Bethany in Louisville, Kentucky


Tacky And Trashy Party

Trailor Trash Bunco- We host couples bunco in our neighborhood quarterly. I decided to use the trailor trash theme (we live in an established neighborhood!)

Our invitations were printed in a messy typewriter font on plain white paper. It rhymed and started with...So you think your big house makes you classy, but we all know you are still trashy it then went on to mention Budweiser beer, mullets, Skynard etc. At these buncos you are asked to bring a $5 gift..then we chose gifts according to points at the end of the bunco game.

The person with the least points choses first and opens the gift then the nest person can take that gift or chose an unopened gift...this continues until the winner has pick over all of the unopended gifts or the last wrapped gift. We were not sure what to expect and who would really participate but we were pleasantly surprised.

I was barefoot with my skin tight jeans on and a white wife beater and black bra, my hair was pulled back with a hat on. My hubby wore long johns, shorts with the seam ripped out, a flanel shirt with the sleaves ripped off and he "blacked out" his front teeth with the wrapper from a Reece Cup!

Other neighbors arrived with mullets and such. The snacks that were brought were funny too we had two couples bring White Castles!! 

The gift exchange made it though. The list included cheap beer, rat traps, flea powder, duct tape, pink flamingos (our gift and we had the in the front yard as people arrived), Nascar cup and an ashtray, zebra print lacy panties, a farting clock, a deer thomometer...and it goes on. We laughed so hard during the gift exchange that our stomachs cramped!!!

It was unbelievable fun and a great way to loosen up and meet new people.

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