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Trailer Trash Party -33yr- Beer Can Windchime



May 2006


Jenn in Castlegar, BC Canada


Tacky And Trashy Party

We had a trailer trash birthday party for my husbands 33rd birthday.  We just moved into a really suburban neighborhood, so you can imagine the looks we are still getting from the neighbors. 

INVITATIONS:I took clip art that I found online of redneck origin, a bent beer can, an old truck and invited everyone to come dressed in white trash attire and to bring some beer and grub. 

DECORATIONS: I hung a clothes line up from our fence to a tree in the yard and filled it with lovely clothing articles that I picked up at the second hand store, including: a huge bra, some cut off shorts, beer labelled t-shirts, some grandpa undies(you know the ones), socks with stains and get the picture  I put aluminum foil in the windows, and ripped sections to make it look old and used.  I hung some old beach towels and sheets in some of the other windows.   I made a beer windchime, which doubled as an asstray...very useful.  My friend is a mechanic, so we borrowed hubcaps and hung them at various heights along our fence. 

Then of course there was lawn d├ęcor an old sink, that we filled with ice and beer, santa and his reindeer decorations that lit up at night, empty laundry detergent bottles, shoes, a stroller turned on its side, a bunch of beer bottles/cans of course   oh and the bathtub we are renovating so we had one laying around literally.  Inside, I covered all the furniture with old sheets, and used cut open garbage bags as a table cloth for the coffee table. 

FOOD: We had pork and beans with crunched up taco chips, canned cheese, hotdogs, hamburgers, a variety of dips, tator tots, and squirrel stew(not really), jello shooters, and of course beer 

CAKE: I found a hilarious toilet cake that was an angel food cake with white icing, filled with yellow jello and chocolate slowpokes.  I made the upper part of the toilet with paper and cardboard that read.."after 33, it all goes to crap"  The cake was a hit, tasted good and the kids loved it. 

GAMES:For games we had frozen t-shirts.  I soaked and folded shirts and froze them in the deep freeze overnight, then I handed them out to unsuspecting guests who had to try to get the shirt on first.    We also had a carve the spam contest.  I bought the no-name stuff yuck nobody was eating it anyways and it was way cheaper.  The deal was they had to make a hood ornament in 2 minutes.   

We also had a hook the underwear game.  I nailed some bigger nails onto the fence and they took turns trying to get as many undies out of 5 onto the nails on the fence.  

For prizes we had whoopie cushions, toilet brush sets, redneck plastic teeth from the local dollar store.  It was a family bbq and everyone had a great time.  I can't wait for the next one.

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