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Trailer Trash Party - Redneck Spitting Contest



January 2007


Tammie in Bonney Lake, WA     USA


Tacky And Trashy Party

New Year Redneck Trailer Trash Birthday Bash" Adual party for my hubby's birthday and new years. The invitations were done as flyers that read "shindig at the trailer park" with all party details; clothing food and teeth and mullet were optional. Then also had a different "redneck phrase" on each invite. Then had holiday decorations around them for all the holidays.

We made it look like our suburban was hooked up to our trailer with a wide load sign across the kitchen window with traailer lights hooked up to battery charger and width markers on the sides so it looked right. We made a wooden post sign thing that everyone had to drive under to park that had the party name and christmas lights all around to light it up.

Then I made "you might be a redneck signs" and duct taped them over the already hung frames in the house. Hung a clothes line across the kitchen with lingerie and undies etc... made his cake with 3 angel food cakes and frosted to look like tires and made a tire stack.I also put mix matched sheets over all my furniture and had blankets over the windows.Mix matched plastic silverware and duct taped a garbage bag over the table for a table cloth with a bucket of tools as the centerpiece.

We played "put the teeth in the trailer trash" and I drew a big picture of a "trailer trash" girl without teeth and made everyone a set of teeth to tape on her.

We had a spitting contest and chugging contest. Then there was a vote on king redneck and queen trash. I made crowns from burger king crowns and just taped the title on them. For the spitting contest the prize was a cheap can of chew.

Then we also gave out whoopie cushions beer cozies and tall cans of beer. Amazing the costumes people came up with! Then for food we had moon pies pigs in a blanket pork and beans salsa and chips Boone's wine and a mini beer keg that I relabeled as moonshine.

There was a contest for who brought the most "redneck" food. I made a beer can wind chime with a wire coat hanger. Everyone had a huge blast and really got into the dress up. It was a blast!"

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