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Trailer Trash Party -40yr- Hostess Twinkie Cake



January 2008


Sandra in Fremont, CA USA


Tacky And Trashy Party

Thanks to this awesome site I threw one of the funniest Trailer Trash party ever.  I got some great ideas on here and off the web.  First I did an invitation which said:  We're havin' a shindig!!!!!!! We're celebratin the fact that Trailer Trash Todd has finally finished his courses from the Sally Struthers Home School Program fer TV & VCR Repair and Plumbing after only 10 short years! And it's a damn good thing too as he ain't gettin any younger!  He's turning 40! Please come dressed in yer best trailer trash attire and join us fer some fun food booze music booze women and booze.  Come hungry so you can enjoy the fine grub that we be preparin' fer ya'all. No shirt no shoes full service! Now shhhh don't be telling Todd about all the fun we're puttin together. It's a SURPRISE!" 

My husband actually knew I was throwing him a party he just didn't know the theme.  I ordered tons of redneck and trailer trash things off the internet like a red hard hat with 2 beer holders and tubes for drinking outhouse pictures Redneck sayings on wall plaques ugly teeth & tattoo sleeves.  

At the Goodwill I found a Jack Daniels poster bowling trophy for the mantel huge boxers and 2 DD bras for my clothesline.  I asked my brother-in-law who is a carpenter to make me an outhouse.  It was perfect and true to scale! He had a bucket with a foam top to sit on and a shelf with toilet paper on it that was rolled up newspaper.  It even had a working urinal made out of a cut in half milk cartain with a tube that ran down into the bucket.  We put that with the clothesline in my driveway.  My brother is a hunter so he brought over his stuffed boars head to replace my wedding picture over the fireplace turkey decoys for my front yard and some deer racks as decoration in the house.

My brother brought his wife's college car (old) and put it on blocks in my driveway with the hood up.  I used a mix of beach towels as my table cloth. I covered the furniture in old sheets. I found a cloth shower curtain at the Goodwill that had flamingos on it so I covered one couch with that.  The day of the party I had my husband stay at our neighbors.  His sister flew in from WA that day so once the majority of guests arrived I had her walk his "costume" down to him as a surprise.  He was thrilled to see her. His costume consisted of jeans with ripped knees an under shirt with the sleeves cut off a super mullet tattoo sleeves fake Cletus teeth and the red hard hat beer holder.  He changed down there then walked up. 

All the guests dressed up! It was hysterical when he came up to the house and everyone came out to greet him.  We had a Spam carving contest with teams of 3. They had 15 minutes to make anything and used some of the snack items like pretzels Ritz crackers cheese whiz & pork rinds in their masterpiece.  The winners won a beer cozy & can of Spam.  For dinner we did Sloppy Joe's Spam Mac & Cheese cole slaw & beans.  For beer I had Coors and Budweiser. 

For the cake I did Hostess Twinkies and a few HoHo's and stacked them up on a serving platter.  The candle was in the top HoHo.  Before the party began I had my girlfriends turn Ken and Barbie into Trailer Trash too. They did a great job! 

The gifts he received were in line with the theme and were hysterical. We had a contest for the Trashiest Woman and Trashiest Man. The two winners won a Jesus candle bathroom deodorizer and gas relief pills that I picked up at the dollar store.  The woman also won blue eye shadow and the man won a Betty Ford book on how there was still hope again purchased from the dollar store.  We danced to disco music until midnight when the final folks went home. 

My husband said it was the best birthday ever and our friends rated it up there as the top 10 things they've ever done in their life.  Thanks again to everyone who posts their party ideas on here.  I really used it to make my party a success.     "

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