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White Trash Party - Beer Bats



January 2008


Rae in Texico, IL USA


Tacky And Trashy Party

Last June we hosted our first annual White Trash Bash and it was possibly the best party we've had yet!

The invitations were of a hillbilly with Bubba teeth standing in front of a junk yard and announced Aren't you lucky! Yur invited!" It went on to suggest costume ideas such as mullets novelty tee shirts frosted jeans and tacky accessories. Best dressed were promised a prize. I put camo sheets on two picnic tables and a centerpiece of mini Christmas trees. I stuck a rusty mailbox in the flower bed and stuffed it with hunting magazines and mail stamped PAST DUE.

We hung Christmas lights all over and prepared a fire pit for roasting marshmallows and hot dogs. We had a keg that we labeled MOONSHINE and stacked the refreshment table with moon pies HoHo's and Ding Dongs. We cooked Spam on the grill (everyone loved it- even those who never tried it before!!)  My guest bath was decorated with a tacky ruffled seat cover tasteless pictures and a beer logo hand towel. I provided udder cream and Polident as well as hand soap on the vanity.We put out old tires for extra seating and covered the chaise swing with an old quilt. WE had canned squirt cheese and crackers pork rinds and Fritos.

We played a variety of down home style music and karaoke. The guests were incredible! Everyone came in their best white trash attire! The winner was a friend who stuffed her bottom with a pillow wore a giant house dress blacked her eye hung a cigarette from her lips donned hair rollers rolled down nylons and house slippers. She was the BEST!

Every time she'd dance her bottom would rotate wildly and got everyone laughing! WE made a sign on the computer that said White Trash County  Police Department then a row of numbers like 0007864435 and made everyone hold it up in front of them and took mug shots. We also took an awesome group photo. They turned out great!

We played Beer bats-(you take 2 whiffle ball bats cut off the bottom of handle fill with cup of beer. 2 teams- 2 people each . Opposite team members chug beer then place bat on ground spin around on it to count of ten and team mate then throws empty beer can like a baseball and drinker must hit it. Then they trade places. First team finished wins!)

Prizes were duck tape six packs boxed wine Nerds and rubber chickens! Also played ping pong and horse shoes. The party lasted till 2am and friends are still talking about it after all these months! "

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