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Trailer Life Party - Beer Can Garland



March 2009


Casey in Monmouth, OR


Tacky And Trashy Party

I got this idea from this site acutally, and combined a few of the entries.

I e-mailed the invitations, where I cutsomized the background with a few pictures I pulled from the internet. Guests were only required to show up in their trailer trash best.

Decor: I strung a clothesline through my living room with garmets I found at a local thrift store (including granny panties!), christmas lights of different colors were the only lighting, I left whatever I usually put out on my porch (recylcing, my bike, ect.) in the living room for added ambiance. 

I strung left over beer cans on a string as a beer can garland" I hung an American flag on one wall covered the faces (just the faces) of my posters with Dale Earnhart Jeff Foxworthy and Tammi Fay and hung a Jeff Gordon poster on another wall. In the bathroom I had press on nails hair spray and headbands for a "nail and hair touch-up station" as well as some 3-D art on the wall a Rigs magazine on the back of the toilet. 

On the menu was pigs in a blanket off-brand crackers with an array of 3 types of spray cheese cheez-its and cheetos and a hostess dessert tower instead of a birthday cake. Games: As guests arrived they had their 'mug shot' taken we had an arm wrestling tournament beer chugging contest, twinkie contest, a spam carving contest and an overall best costume contest.

The costume contest winner was determined by letting guests vote all night for their favorite costume (including their own) and they could vote as many times as they wanted. The winner took home a book from the dollar store, 4 new lighters, and a pack of cigarettes.

Everyone had a blast and took tons of pictures! We all had so much fun we decided it had to become an annual event."

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