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Trailer Trash Bash -32yr- Oil Drum Bonfire



March 2009


Chantelle in Newcastle, Natal, South Africa


Tacky And Trashy Party

I threw a Trailer Trash Bash for my 32nd Birthday!! And from ideas I got from this website and other internet sites we had the most brilliant party!

I had invited everyone via a PowerPoint Invite I created with pictures or rednecks, trailers and dawgs, and emailed it out. I had almost 100% attendance and everybody dressed up and really made a great effort! My friend surprised me with a trailer park cake, complete with pregnant ladies, Hank the Wrestler, dawgs & their dooh, broken cars, and a trailer. It was awesome!

I had put out old broken chairs, beer crates etc for seating, and most people just parked off on their coolers. I had 2 huge fires going in old drums sawn in half. We grilled burgers and everyone helped themselves. I had a disco under the lapa, with a mirror ball and 80's style disco lights. I had also strung christmas lights up along the house, and hung dirty" laundry out on a line. In plastic tubs of ice I had long necks and cheap wine.

For snacks I put out crisps in empty KFC buckets. I had metal trestle tables dressed in cheap plastic floral tableclothes (all different patterns & colours) I had put cheap plastic flowers in 2lcooldrink bottles for decoration. I made name tags of real southern hillbilly names for everyonethat I matched to a person.

Best dressed chap got a long neck and best dressed lady got a compact with very blue eyeshadow - all wrapped in brown paper bags and some stringy ribbon taped with thick brown masking tape. I was told that the party was legendary and that I really know how to throw one!

People stayed late drank lots and had an absolute ball!! It was the best birthday I ever had thank you!

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