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Redneck Party -40yr- Sloppy Joe Lunch



September 2009


Diane in Waterloo, IL  USA

Honorable Mention

Tacky And Trashy Party

Our redneck party was on my brother's 40th birthday.... of course we anounced it as his farty" party. 

Our invitations were just flyers with a picture of a hillbilly band complete with a jug player on it.  The wording on the invite used "hillbilly" phrases like -  We'z havin' a foot-stompin' shingdig out back.  We reckon ya'll ought to join us-ins in makin' some racket and drinkin' some moonshine.  Wear appropriate attire - clean or dirty flannel (with or without sleeves) or break out the holey overalls and the rhinestone tube tops (you know the one size too small tube top!).  Gals tease up that big hair and guys spike up that mullet.  Brush your tooth and wander on down to (address here).  We'z be havin' a country band (well they thinks they'z a band!) and lots of grub.  Bring the yung-ins (They'z can fetch the beer!).

About 75 people attended.  We served sloppy joes baked beans and chips.  We had canned (sqeeze) cheese (jalepino and cheddar) and regular soda crackers.  The cake was 4 layers - a layer of banana flips a layer of ding dongs a layer of twinkies and a layer of suzyQ's stuck all together with cool whip and put in the fridge to keep together! (The ding dongs were a mistake - the chocolate coating is too thick and made it hard to cut.  Next time I'll use HoHo's.) 

We pulled out all our old nasty furniture (sofa's recliner beat up ottoman) that had been my son's dorm furniture.  We had hay bails to sit on as well.  We had a contest for the best dressed redneck giving away several prizes we'd gotten mostly at Goodwill all had "redneck" uses.  For example one was a cigarette lighter shaped like a shotgun.  Another was a can of "Big Sexy Hairspray - Backcomb in a can".   

For decoration we parked clunker cars in our front/side yard.  We perched our jeep on top of a log with tools around it to look like it was being worked on.  On my sons car we opened all the doors and tossed soda and beer cans all around it. My son has just wrecked his car and for some reason brought the damaged bumper home (!).  That made a nice addition to the d├ęcor!  We pitched two tents in the back yard one a normal camping tent and one a dining fly (with zipped netting around it).  On the camping tent we hung a sign saying "Redneck Bed n' Breakfast".  We laid out a couple of sleeping bags in there with a flashlight and a package of Hostess cupcakes.  Then in the dining fly we put an empty can from the baked beans (huge can that still had the lid connected) in the center of the tent.  We painted a red and white target on the lid.  On the outside of the dining fly we hung a half moon (like outhouses often have).  We also put a ragged looking phone book in there too. 

Between the two tents we hung a makeshift clothesline.  On the line we hung a huge pair of ladies underwear a pair of thong underwear a large bra with a huge cup size and a torn up pair of men's tidy-not-so-whities and a filthy shirt.  We posted a sign next the clothes line saying "Kodak Moment".  We took pictures of our guests with the hanging 'clothes' for a collage we made later on.  Some of the guests got a bit carried away as you can imagine!  We also have a 20 x 40 party tent we put up in the backyard. 

We hung a huge American flag over where the band was set up.  We had Christmas lights strung up all around the tent.  We also had some fly paper strips hanging from the top support poles.  All our used ragged old furniture was also under the tent.  We had a plywood and saw horse table for the food.  We used an old wheelbarrow for a beer cooler (Stag beer) we had a 'box' of wine and some honest to gosh moonshine in a mason jar that we'd gotten 23 years ago (some guests even took small sips out of it!)  We also had fireworks and a bonfire. 

The party was a huge success.  Even the cop that "stopped by" thought it was a great idea and loved the decorations.  No one was complaining about the noise the cop was just making sure we were going to shut the band down by a certain time.  Plus every redneck knows it's not a party until the cops show up!!!!! "

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