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Trailer Trash Beach Bash - Queen of Double-Wide



September 2009


Salina in Oceanside, CA

Honorable Mention

Tacky And Trashy Party

Based on ideas I got here and other websites, I threw a Trailer Trash Bash as a surprise party for my husband's 40th birthday.

I rented a place on the beach and had everyone attending show up in their best Trailer Trash attire. The costumes ranged from Trailer Trash glam with sequined platform sandals (too small so the toes hung over the edge) to serious Trailer Trash with men wearing super short ragged jean cut-offs, mullet wigs, camo shirts with cut-off sleeves and fake Goodyear blimp" tattoos.

Upon arrival the guests chose their 'name' for the evening out of a Wal-Mart bag it was written on those "Hi My name is" tags. Daisy Mae Sissy Winnebago Fancy China Velvet Elvis Johndeere Green Earnhardt Petty and Bud Wiser were just a few of the guests in attendance.  We had a competition and the 'King of the Trailer Park' and 'Queen of the Doublewide' were crowned. The winner of the 'Queen of the Doublewide' was a pregnant teenage bride complete with white wedding dress (with fake baby bump) and red bra peeking out super thick makeup and a 'black eye' for impact.

I had planned a few different games but only ended up playing one of them. We had a Spam Carving competition six teams of two with two cans of Spam and 10 toothpicks each carving utensils were one each of a plastic fork knife and spoon. The competition produced a couple doublewide trailers a monster truck with KC lights on top and a few other well-designed Spam masterpieces.

The other games that were planned were 'Bobbing for Vienna Sausages' 'Toilet Seat Horseshoes' and a belching contest.  The decorations were the funnest thing to do. I scoured the Thrift Stores for all kinds of cheap wonders to sit around the house like one of those goofy singing fish that are motion-activated. We had a clothesline strung across the main area with huge granny panties a huge bra some NASCAR boxers a t-shirt that said "Beer:30" a mu-mu and some other cheesy clothing.

On the walls was a 'Mustangs through the Ages' car poster and the original Farrah Fawcett in a red swimsuit poster. The most impact was made by the set up an area against a cinder block wall with a floodlight a height indicator and a mug shot police board and everyone took crazy mug shots. I shot with no flash only the flood light coming in from the side it produced a really dramatic effect and looked very authentic.  

For food we had cheeseballs porkrinds Slim Jims baked beans Mac N'Cheese hot wings but the centerpiece was a chocolate fountain turned into a barbecue fountain for dipping Lil' Smokies into. My husbands cake was on a three-tiered plate holder that I placed paper plates into and then stacked 40 Twinkies HoHos and Zingers onto.  And then there was the alcohol. I had to put a good beer into the keg or I would have never lived it down but I also had a couple of boxes of wine some cheap wine coolers and a tub full of a variety of iced down 'Boone's Farm' wines and Mad Dog 20/20.

I just wanted to share these ideas because I know I pieced together a million different ideas in case anyone else is looking for some assistance in throwing a Trailer Trash Bash.  "

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