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Trailer Trash Party - Male Wet T-Shirt



June 2002


Kimberly in Northridge, California - USA

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Tacky And Trashy Party

My friend and I in the past few years have thrown a few outrageous theme parties.  The first theme party we threw was a Pimp and Ho party and the last party we threw (July 2001) was to celebrate my 32nd birthday, and the theme was Trailer Trash.   

Our invitation was made up to look like a tacky newspaper style flyer whereas the party invite information stated the following:  We’re havin’ a shindig.. To celebrate the fact that Kimberly has finally finished her courses from the Sally Struthers Home School Program for TV&VCR Repair, Law, and Cosmetology after only 10 short years!  And it’s a damn good thing too, as she ain’t getting any younger!   She’s turning 32!  Please come dressed in your best white trash attire, and join us for some fun, food, booze, music, booze, women and booze.  Come hungry so you can enjoy some fine grub that Trailer Trash Tammi is preparin’ for ya’all.  No shirt, no shoes, full service!   (And then the invitation went into party location, time and date, etc.  Among other things we had jokes on it like: The top ten ways to know if you’re Trailer Trash - #2 was: You let your twelve year old daughter smoke at the dinner table in front of her kids, and #1 was: The Halloween pumpkin on your porch has more teeth than your spouse.   We added various clipart on the flyer ranging from WWF to a Woman in curlers smoking, etc..) 

For our costumes I asked everyone to dress up in Trailer Trash style. For my outfit I cut up some jeans I bought at goodwill for a buck and frayed them, took a Harley Davidson tank top that said no ones ole lady and made a half top out of it.  I wore platform sandals, put my hair in curlers, blacked out some of my teeth, put fake tattoos all over my body, and wore airbrushed press-on nails! 

For my makeup I put on blue eye shadow, dark blush, and red-red lipstick.  To top it all off, I wore a necklace that said SEXY!  My guests had a ball with the idea of dressing up and some really outdid themselves. One guest made a mullet from a wig, and others came in tank tops, fake black eyes, flip flops, country singer t-shirts, NASCAR t-shirts, some women wore house coats with curlers, whereas others came in hot pants and tube tops with high heel shoes/boots. Everyone looked great! 

For the party decor: We covered all the front windows in aluminum foil, and all the other windows around the house in old sheets, I even used Power Ranger sheets!  For the front yard I had a huge tacky Mobile Home billboard created in chaser lights (my mom is a party consultant so her company did a fantastic job on it). And I had a several plastic pink flamingos and pin wheels all over my lawn for the final touch on the front yard. Remember that first impressions are everything!  As my guests walked up to the front door past the billboard and pin wheels, they had to walk under a clothes line of old socks, t-shirts, bras and underwear.  Next to the front door we put an old chair in the corner that was covered by a sheet. Then we stuffed a pair of old overalls, a flannel shirt, and a hat to resemble an old man with a bottle of Jack Daniels to sit in the chair. 

Inside the house, I removed anything remotely nice, and replaced it with some tacky items that we found at a thrift stores, yard sales or the 99 cents store. Including a velvet Elvis portrait and posters from the WWF.  We covered all the furniture with old sheets (the worst shape their in, the better!).  We even decorated the bathroom with fuzzy toilet accessories and hung one of those singing fish over the toilet, so that when someone entered the bathroom the fish would begin singing... thus startling them!  On the Large screen TV we had a loop-tape made that featured scenes from:  Jerry Springer episodes, WWF, Cops, NASCAR racing, and Wild Turkey Hunting! 

In the backyard, we hung up several clothes lines and hung all sorts of old clothes on them.  We borrowed a friends beat up van to park on the back yard lawn. We had more plastic pink flamingos, empty KFC buckets, old lawn furniture and kids toys thrown all over.  For the tables we used various tablecloths, we mixed and matched materials so that every table looked different.. One table had an animal print, another was gold, and another was hot pink, etc..  For table decorations we went crazy at the local 99 cents stores, finding anything that was tacky, funny, and not to mention only 99 cents! 

For the food: I had KFC cater the party, and the snack items were Jiffy Pop (right out of the aluminum container), Pork Rinds, peanuts, and chips and dips.  For beverages: We had a Keg of beer, and a huge container of jungle juice (which is grape Cool-aid and vodka), old Milwaukee beer, generic beer, wine coolers, all the various Boones Farm we could find, and generic sodas!  For the top of the birthday cake, we took a regular Barbie and Ken doll and cut up their clothes, blackened their teeth and gave them each a cigarette and a mini bottle of booze.  For Barbie’s hair we took mascara and gave her dark roots and for Ken we glued on hair to resemble a mullet (which we had to get the hair from another doll), and then painted on stubble and stained his clothes with eye makeup to look like dirt. 

For entertainment we hired a Karaoke/DJ, who was instructed to dress up in white trash style as well.  After dinner and a few drinks everyone was up singing Karaoke and having a great time!  We even had a pretend girl fight during one karaoke performance. Towards the end of the night we had a Male wet T-shirt contest.  I choose six of my male guests, and provided them with a white tank top and a pair of boxer shorts, that I had hanging on the clothes lines. The second place winner won a very cheap Jesus clock I bought at a bargain store for under 2 bucks, and the first place winner won a large bottle of Old Milwaukee beer and a CD of Lynard Skynard's greatest hits.  To this day, I still have friends say that they have tried to think of a party theme for their own party, but can’t seem to top the Trailer Trash Theme.  And others ask when my next Trailer Trash party will be!

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