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Trailer Park Party - Bath Robes & Curlers



July 2002


Joy in Plano, TX USA


Tacky And Trashy Party

Actually, I got this idea from my sister, but it gave me the biggest laugh just picturing it.  She and a couple of friend threw a party... the theme, Trailer Park Trash!  She gave the party for a group aged from about 18 up 35 and she said everyone had a blast!!

I am not saying this party would do for everyone, but some of the outfits she said were hilarious.  Including bath-robes & rollers, pancake makeup, and more than one person came "barefoot and pregnant." 

Lots of biker outfits and cutoffs were also there.

Of course decorations were the tackiest sort of things, but set out in such a way so that it looked like the party giver was trying to dress things up. 

This would be a fun summer barbecue party - nothing to big and discount everything!  I think my sister and her friends gave it for a birthday party. 

The party will be made by the personalities invited if everyone gets into character - lots of laughs will be assured.

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