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Trash to Treasure Party - Clothes Out of Trash



Nov 2002


Jessie in Titirangi, Auckland, New Zealand


Tacky And Trashy Party

My idea for the best party ever is a trash to treasure party!

The guests must all come wearing their very own creations- garments made out of trash. I made a big white wedding type dress out of white supermarket bags! Other ideas include using sweet wrappers, rags, flattened plastic bottles, cereal packets and anything else you can think of, one girl made a skirt and top out of puzzle pieces and bus-tickets!

You can make all the decorations for your trash to treasure party out of trash aswell, like streamers of receipts, rubber glove balloons and other crazy creations. Make table cloths out of big rubbish bags and even make plates and bowls with paper mache to hold the snacks (make sure to glaze them if you will be putting anything other than chips in them.)

To continue the trash theme you can make trashcan shaped biscuits and a chocolate trashcan cake full of trash(sweets).

Because the theme is based around trash you won't have to spend much money at all. All you need to buy is the food! Afterwards, when the parents come to collect the guests, you can have a fashion show, showing off your crazy trash garments.

Guests will have so much fun making their costumes and finding out just how much fun you can have using trash!

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