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Trash & Tacky Party - White Trash Trivia Game



Dec 2002


Cheryl in Somerset, NJ USA


Tacky And Trashy Party

Trailer Trash & Tacky Party  Invitations were designed to look like the cover of the Enquirer.  My husband and I dressed Trashy on the cover.  The headlines spoke of Elvis sightings, Tammy Fae Baker, "Leopard Prints - Not Just for Church Anymore" etc. 

We served a cheese and spam ball, squeeze cheese and Ritz crackers, green Jell-O mold, slim jims, pork rinds, tuna casserole, white castle hamburgers, generic beer etc.  We used styrofoam carry-out trays to eat on, take-out fork & knife packages for utensils, salt & pepper packages, napkins from various fast-food restaurants, and Budweiser Huggies to hold drinks in.

For decor we had a cable-spool table with ugly plastic tablecloths, tall prayer and lottery candles bought at the supermarket, tents decorated with Christmas lights, garland, blow-up beer cans, beer posters on the wall, pictures of Anna Nicole Smith, Kid Rock, Jerry Springier, Tammy Faye, and Velvet Elvis posters. 

I decorated our bathroom with 50 mug shots of famous people that I downloaded and printed out.  Fake flowers and trashy magazines were on the tables.  Fake tattoos were available in the bathroom as well as Lee Press-on Nails and cheap hairspray. Music was cheesy 80's rock to Lynard Skynard, etc. 

Games were Male and Female arm-wrestling , deep-throat Twinkie contest, and White Trash trivia.  Prizes were WWF wrestling t-shirts, chia pets, cheesy car air fresheners, fuzzy dice, and fly-swatters. 

The hit of the party were the party favors.  I made a "Mug Shot" poster on my wall to simulate getting arrested and everyone held a mug-shot "Somerset County Police Department" sign with their arrest date and serial number then they posed for a mug-shot.  I then printed out the pics on my computer and framed them in a Dollar-Store American flag picture frame to take home that night. 

Everyone created a new name for themselves from Jeff Gilooly to Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson.  Everyone dressed appropriately for the occasion. Fun was had by all!!!

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