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Tacky Housewarming Party - Tackiest Gift



Jan 2003


Grace in Darien, CT  USA


Tacky And Trashy Party

As my husband and I moved many times in our marriage, we decided to have a "tacky housewarming party" so that our friends and family would not feel ob- ligated to get us yet another gift for our "new home". 

We invited our friends to bring us a gift, the only hitch was, it had to be TACKY.  The tackiest gift would win a prize (a tacky prize of course).

They were asked to dress in their tackiest outfits as well.  Some of them were very creative. 

We had one guest come in her nightgown and curlers. Another resembled "Peg" on "Married with Children" and her date looked like something she dragged out of the city dump. 

It was great fun and everyone was a conversation piece in him or herself!     Of course our outdoor grill served tacky food such as grilled Spam. 

We also had pigs in blankets and other food you would normally keep "within your family".  

It was an inexpensive, yet highly successful party and many things can be found in "dollar stores" or garage sales to serve as decorations or outfits.

This theme can also be modified for a birthday party!

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