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October 2004


Missi in Cottonwood, CA


Tacky And Trashy Party

Hi! We are having a "tacky" party.  We are doing the usual white trash decor, costumes, etc., but we are also playing a tacky game, which we played at another party, and it was a hit! 

We separate everyone into teams of 4-5.  Each team is given a posterboard.  We named the teams like, "TEAM WHITE TRASH", "TACKY & WACKED", "REDNECK REBELS", etc. Each team is given a list of items they must 'tack' to the posterboard.  Some items were: Postage stamp - not 37 cents, Bumper sticker, Red lipstick lip print, Piece of chewed gum, Business reply envelope, Drop(s) of blood, Chocolate ice cream, Label from an imported beer,

For Deposit Only stamp, Gold stud earring, Drop(s) of candle wax, Squished insect, Diaper pin, Spray paint, Flexible fabric band aid, Pawprint or animal tracks, Tie tack or cufflink, Paper clip, Bobby pin, Lee press-on nails OR pink fingernail polish, Needle and thread, Duct tape, Price tag sticker - must be under $1, Minted toothpick, Nut and bolt, Holiday lapel pin, Blank label from a video cassette tape, Time Clock stamp, Gift wrap bow, Medication patch, Return address label, Post-it note - any color but yellow, Signature of any police officer (not a party guest), Spaghetti sauce, etc. 

We gave them 45 minutes to get all this on their poster.  We gave a prizes to the team that got the most in the allowed time.  Lots of fun!

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