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Redneck Dinner Night - Mullet Wigs



January 2005


Suzanne in Elk Grove, CA U.S.A.


Tacky And Trashy Party

For our "Redneck Dinner Night" The Menu was: Pork Rinds, Watermelon, BBQ Pork sandwiches with hot sauce, baked beans,cole slaw, dessert was twinkies and ho ho's.

We also served bourbon mint juleps in mason jars and bad beer (Keystone Light). I went to some thrift stores and found the biggest/tackiest long johns, bra's, boxers, and lingerie I could find. I put up a  clothes line indoors and hung all the "tacky" clothes up. I also hung confederate flags throughout the house, and posters of bands like "Alabama".

I copied C.D's of the soundtrack from "Joe Dirt" which included songs like "Sweet Home Alabama". We watched a video of Jeff Foxworthy's stand up comedy act. We had a contest for who could tell the funniest "Redneck" joke. Everyone had a funny nickname given to them for the party like "Daisy Mae Lee, or Bubba Lee".

I had purchased mulletts wigs for all the men to wear, and they had a lot of fun with those. Everyone dressed up in a costume. For Example: the men came in big baggy pants (workout type) or jean overalls with tank tops. The women wore cut off jean shorts with bathing suit tops- This party was a blast, and I know many people who have wanted to throw one also!

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