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This is Your Life Party -50yr- Guess the Voice



Oct 2003


Dana in Texas, USA


This Is Your Life Party

On my Dad's 50th birthday we had a surprise "This is your life party".  I had scanned pictures of him as a baby and at 50. 

I made invitations on the computer that included these pictures.  We had pictures of him as a baby and as a teen and as an young adult and then at 50. 

We found several people he went to high school with and invited them to the party.  We had told Dad that it was a family reunion so he had no idea.  We hid all his friends from high school in a back room. 

When Dad came in he was very surprised.  We had him sit in a chair on the stage (we had rented a church hall). 

Then we had each high school friend say something into a microphone about a something they had done during high school. 

Dad was suppose to guess who the voice belonged to.  He was so suprised.  He had not seen some of the guests in 30+ years. 

This brought back some very fond memories for Dad and his friends and family. 

After the activity we all enjoyed cake and punch.  We had photo books with pictures from different stages of Dad's life. 

Everyone stayed and visited and caught up on the years past.

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