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This is Your Life -50yr- Picture Collage Placemats



Jan 2003


Kathy in Pekin, Illinois  USA


This Is Your Life Party

My sister, husband and sons had a 50th surprise birthday party for me and the theme was "This is is your life".

They had posters made up like Channel 50 , This is your life.  Starring "me" Co-starring my husband ,sons,and future daughter inlaw.  Producers were my sister and future daugher inlaw, and co-producers all the people who produced all the food was listed.

The guest also signed one titled, Special Guest .  Another poster was made up with an Illustrator, Narrator, Director, and also Writers.

She also had several people write letters about me and then I had to sit in front of the room and a friend of mine read each letter to everyone.  Then I received the book when she was done.

There were also letters from people who couldn't be there which made it very nice to hear from. 

She had placemats for the tables that were made up of my baby pictures.  I saw people I hadn't seen for 10- 15yrs. We had a ton of fun and some of the gifts after the reading were hilarious.

One gift was a crown and I was queen for the day and then it had lots of gag gifts also. Fast teeth, vitamins, etc.

Also received a lot of very nice gifts. But being able to see so many family and friends that I hadn't seen for so many years was the best gift of all.

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