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This is Your Life -50yr- Skits & A Roast



April 2004


Linda in Mesa, AZ. USA

Honorable Mention

This Is Your Life Party


THEME: My husband is a western buff so I sent out WANTED posters with a baby picture of him as invitations. Folks from all over the US flew in for the party. 

Once I had my husband seated in his "special chair" each surprise guest hid behind a curtain and with a cordless mike, said something to trigger a special moment.  My husband had to guess who it was behind the curtain. It was wonderful!

DECORATIONS Since he also loves beer, I scanned pictures of him growing up, glued them to the beer label and placed them (picture side up)in a bucket of fake ice and placed them as a centerpiece on each guest table. I added to the tables baskets of old fashion candy from the 70's, old fashion boxes of pop corn, I used old coke bottles as candle holders.  I had posters of special moment pictures of him, (our wedding, kids and him baby pictures, the kids graduation,etc. and placed them everywhere. 

I also included as wall decorations posters of his favorite movies, singers, actors, etc. I went on Ebay and found all sorts of memorbilia that also represented his favorite childhood idols. Example: The Three Stooges, King Kong, Superman, etc.  I placed beer bottle lights outside on the patio and entrance. 

ENTERTAINMENT:To surprise my guests and my husband, I emailed a picture and a funny biography of everyone that was going to attend the big birthday bash.  His best friend put all the stuff together and did a "This is your life" powerpoint presentation. (He later put the presentation in an album and gave it to my husband as a gift.)  He even had old high school friends that could not attend built into the presentation.

VERY FUNNY STUFF, he was great! As guests were walking in, I had a big screen video playing Sid Ceaser's "This is your life skit".  Our kids put together several skits, "morning with Dad","Dad rules!" etc.  Some of his friends did skits or a  "roast" during a "pass the mike" segment.  Of course, Oldie but goodies 70's music played all night.  Everyone came wearing old high school and college sweaters or sweatshirts.  

FOOD:  My husband's first job was at an A&W rootbeer stand.  We built a store front of A&W rootbeer.  I bought rootbeer mugs and we served dark beer in the mugs. 

For the food table I decided to match the table theme, I bought a huge plastic beer bottle and placed his picture on the front of it.  I bought a matching table bucket and put the plactic bottle of beer in fake ice.  For food we served barbaque beef, salads, fruit, cheese, etc.  

Everyone said it was "THE BEST PARTY EVER"

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